Kickstarter Woes – The Lull Begins

Author’s Log: Day 2 – While I wouldn’t call yesterday a bust (and I am ever so grateful for the pledges and encouragement we did receive), the Kickstarter certainly hit a lull that made me wonder if I should temper my expectations. That said, today is a new day on this creative journey- and I thought what better way to start it than share shed some light on how Kickstarter works.
1. Pledges are not donations. While there is an opportunity to pledge without reward, all other pledges receive a tangible reward package. Most of these pledge tiers are modest.
2. Kickstarter is low risk. Did you know, a pledge is not charged until the campaign ends AND only if the funding goal is met?
3. Our Kickstarter is especially low risk because the books are already in production! The campaign serves 2 purposes – to serve as a platform for preorder, and generate the funding to diversify this story.
I’m starting today with renewed optimism, and to recognize that, any pledge (preorder) received today for the paperback tier and above, will receive their copy of Love Without Wings early (mid to late October) in advance of the November 19th release date. Anyone who shares the link below to the Kickstarter on their page or group, will receive a pdf copy of the book upon completetion of the campaign! Please just let me know you shared it. Happy Thursday, let’s make it an amazing 3rd day! ❤️🌈🙏🏻